Matt Block...was born on January 28th, 1986 in Aurora, Colorado, U.S.A.  He began acting in 2006 midway between his Bachelors after a change of heart from studying Mechanical Engineering, Military Science, and Spanish.  He is an actor known for Until Dawn (2014), People of the Book (2013), Terminal Legacy (2012), and Occupy Your Heart (2012). 

Matt received his B.A. from Colorado State University in Performing Arts.  He then went on to do a study abroad via a Continued Education Program with Florida State University in London.  Later he attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Acting for Film from New York Film Academy and eventually his M.A. in Acting for Screen from the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.  He was the lead actor in The Distance From Here which won best show in Region VII of KCACTF in 2008.

Desira an East Coast-bred visual and performance artist & writer who was raised by two bikers in the woods of Scranton, Pennsylvania. She started acting and writing as a child, finding she preferred perfecting Southern characters, dressing as a male, or taking on the role of an orphan witch in home videos & recordings she created in lieu of "normal" teenager activities.

Desira received a BFA in Fine Art from Syracuse University with a minor in Interior Architecture. After college, Desira moved to NYC and as a self-taught seamstress, she started working as an independent fashion designer, finally producing a small ready-to-wear line she sold throughout the US, Australia, the U.K. & Japan from 2005 to present. Ever a performer, the screen beckoned her back and with tremendous good luck and hard work, she was invited to join The Screen Actors Guild in 2009.

As a fashion & costume designer, Desira's clothing company, started in 2004, has become a favorite amongst indie lovers and Desira was one of the final 25 possible contestants for Project Runway Seasons 7 & 8. With a natural knack for all things creative, she has lived an alternative lifestyle, supporting herself solely through creative hands-on endeavors & projects.

William Leiren...On a cold February night in 1961, William Leiren was born and all the fair citizens of the teeming metropolis of Spokane, Washington rejoiced. He was a precocious child with beautiful flaxen hair and more than a little twinkle in his eye. As a pre-teen, Bill created his own comic book company and the world was treated to the indelible superhero, the Smear Man. In high school, he played Hans Christian Andersen in the west coast premiere of the musical with the same name, and truly “Thumbelina” never sounded so good. William’s crowning achievement of his twenties came when he won an essay contest for Seattle’s Stranger newspaper, describing (in 50 words or less) his erotic encounter with any character from Scooby Doo. Life took a dramatic turn a decade later when his beautiful hair gave way to a stunning bald pate. Fortunately, this near tragic period was rescued by the birth of his two brilliant children- the Liam and the Fiona. Higher education became William’s touchstone throughout his middle-aged years, during which he penned plays, scripts, teleplays and, yes, more comic books. What lies next for our intrepid traveller? Stay tuned.

James Christian Kumpost...Actor. Writer. Musician. Madman. Born and raised in Germany - from pre-wall fall Berlin to Bavaria, Christian migrated to Colorado after finishing high school in San Antonio in 2003. Growing up, Christian idolized 3 fictional characters from both literature and cinema: Don Quixote, of which he's maintained a strong connection to; MacGyver, of which he has a scar on his forehead from emulating; and the Doctor, to whom he credits as both giving him a love for all things English, and for his inspiration to pursue acting. He used to hold his finger in the pages of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books in case he didn't like where his choice led. He watched Power Rangers far longer than was age appropriate. And he hates glitter, snakes, bigfoot, and ET (both the movie and the alien).

Christian has a Bachelors in Philosophy and Religious Studies, a vocational degree in Montessori Early Childhood Education, and was pursuing a Masters in Theology before washing out of Seminary.  He still may not know what he wants to be when he "grows up," but Christian--ever the performer, seeks to be himself, and be a voice, through everything he does; be it his acting, his writing (both published and as of yet to be published), his music, and his life.